Manners Edit

Use common sense.

  • Do not use excessive profanity.
  • Racist slurs are prohibited.
  • Do not harass people.

Exploiting Edit

Exploiting glitches, or bugs of any kind is not permitted. If it is not from 2010 FFXI, or is not working as intended and benefits the player, it is considered an exploit. Report any thing you find that may be used as an exploit, and those that abuse it.

Botting Edit

Botting is not allowed on Balance in any form. If you want to find a place where it's acceptable to bot, go play retail.

Multi-Boxing Edit

You are only permitted to having 2 additional alts, for a total of three characters online at a time. (multi-boxing other people can bypass the three character limit)

Account Sharing Edit

Account sharing is permitted, however do so with caution, as a password reset will only be granted a total of one time. Having your stuff stolen is part of the retail experience!